Steam Lost. Steam Regained

So it’s been a little while since the last entry. Life catches up with you. Also, those plans I had for writing about some of the differences between classic Rocks and Minerals magazine and the current version had to be scrapped when the damned things didn’t show up until after much emailing and gnashing of teeth (this was the fault of an eBay vendor: Marie at R&M always sends what I order with seemingly superhuman speed).

But it’s the new year now, which is traditionally the time in which I begin a new stab at blogging, only to abandon it in favour of something pointless. Perhaps this year will be different?

You be the judge.

There’s a lot to write about in the meantime – the latest issues of Rocks and Minerals, the Record, and Rock and Gem, for a start. So keep an eye open, and let’s just see what happens.


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