New Issue of Rocks & Minerals Out Now!

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Rocks & Minerals Magazine Cover, Volume 85, Number 5 (September / October 2010)

I wanted post a quick note to say that our copies of the new issue of Rocks & Minerals (Volume 85, Number 5, September / October 2010) turned up unexpectedly last Friday – earlier than usual, probably so all of the advertising for the Denver Gem & Mineral Show, which will be from 17-19 September, would still be current ;-). In concert with the Colorado theme, there’s a good article on the Creede, Colorado locality, and the upcoming 10th anniversary of Mindat, perhaps the best single source for mineral and locality information on the web. There’s also a piece on Colorado minerals found in Chicago’s essential Field Museum. This collection grew out of the minerals which were originally presented in the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair, which I’ve found particularly fascinating every since I read Erik Larson’s gripping book, The Devil in the White City. Check your news-stands now!

Sadly, I’m not going to get to the Denver Show this year, but I’m planning, and scheming, to go next year, as well as to hit some other shows at more reasonable distances this year. It’s not that much of a drive (well, eight delightfully dull hours, but that’s another question entirely), but it requires more planning and laying of groundwork that I indulged in this time. Next year.

The early arrival of R&M breaks the rule that I normally adhere to, which is that the arrival of Rocks & Minerals normally signals the imminent apparition of the new Mineralogical Record. And yes, before you ask, I am enough of a geek to have developed my own private rule for just these circumstances.