Reviews of Mineralogy Titles 2012: a Catch-all

I’ve been remiss this year of 2012, for a variety of reasons, in keeping up with writing about new events in mineralogy and mineralogical publishing. This is not helped by the fact that I’ve written a number of articles in drafts, and simply not finished them due to other committments. My ongoing projects pile has grown steadily worse, but the only place that I’ve actually done any regular writing is in my book reviews over on Goodreads, it seems. I’m trying to review everything that I read as I finish it, as an aide memoire for those days in the future when I have no idea what in the hell a book that I know I’ve read might have been about. Since those books reviewed include several publications of possible interest to people who might stumble across this blog, I’ve provided links to my reviews here:


These reviews are strictly off-the-cuff and are based on my opinion immediately after reading or examining these titles. In some cases, particularly in the instance of the book by Peter Zodac, they are a part of my broader question to understand and learn more about something which I find interesting in the world of mineralogy. They also really aren’t intended to sell anything: as far as I am aware, only two of these books are currently in print, although you should be able to find the others on sites like ABEBooks, among others, if you’re genuinely curious.